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Stop247 offers the ability to monitor and track the use of your ID number, e-mail address and Cell Phone numbers and alert you should these be used to open accounts without your knowledge.

Should you or your family be compromised by robbery or loss, using USSD technology and Stop247, you always have help at hand with just one number.

With Stop247 you have the ability to access any one of the emergency benefits sending this to the cell phone or internet connection that you are using.

Stop247 gives you the ability to stop the use of your Credit / Debit / SIM cards, contact your emergency contacts, even if your phone has been lost or stolen, or even access emergency cash or a taxi.


Dialed from any phone or internet device 24 hours a day

  • Type *120*72911# onto the keypad of the device you are using and press the dial button.
  • You can use any device with an internet connection whether it be a touch pad of key pad.

You will be presented with the Stop247 “Quick Assist” menu.

  • Select the option you require by entering the appropriate number (1, 2, 3 etc.) next to the option, then press send.
  • You will be presented with an authentication screen requesting how the user would like to be identified, either by e-mail or ID number.
  • Select preferred authentication type, then press send.
  • You will be presented with an authentication screen requesting your “secret word” chosen by you on Stop247 registration. The ‘Secret word” is just that, it’s known only by your family or your chosen emergency contacts should they need to access your profile on your behalf.
  • Type in your “secret word” and press send.
  • Depending on the user’s profile, selected in screen “1” the menu is dynamic in the sense that what a client has loaded and stored on Stop247 in the profile, will be presented and the user has the option here to, for example, “stop a card, stop a wallet “etc. and press send.
  • The user will now be asked to confirm whether the contents of his/her selection are correct.
  • If correct, the user will type 1 and press send.
  • If incorrect, the user will type 2, then send, and will be returned to the previous screen where the user can cancel individual cards. In this case the confirmation is correct.
  • You will receive notification via SMS, e-mail confirmation as to the process of your items being stopped in a step by step process.
  • You can use any internet enabled device to log into the Stop247 “Quick Assist” using your unique e-mail address and password through your profile or at selected Stop247 Safe points.
  • You will be presented with the Stop247 “Quick Assist” menu
    The steps hereafter remain identical to that of  “1”